Would you eat this sandwich if you knew that the chicken who gave her life for you was kept in a cramped cage with as many chickens as could be crammed in, walked her entire life on a wire floor, always lived indoors in a room with hundreds or thousands of other chickens, cages stacked in rows--above and below other cages, with their urine and droppings going to the next level, so that the room stinks so badly your lungs would burn walking into it?

How about this:  Would you eat this sandwich if you knew that this chicken had been diseased?  Even if the cooking process kills the germs.  How about if this chicken was processed in filth?  What if you knew that all of the chickens were injected with the same needles and dipped in the same water, to remove feathers, sick and well alike?  What if you knew that most people who think they have a mild case of the flu actually have food poisoning?   Would you still eat that sandwich?     

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If slaughter houses had windows, we would all be vegetarian.

No one is allowed inside to observe.

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