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Vegetarian Discrimination

As all vegetarians know, we experience a great deal of discrimination at most restaurants, especially high-priced, meat-specialty restaurants. Let me share one of my more memorable restaurant horror stories.

After ordering--straight off the menu--a vegetarian plate at a business lunch with about 25 other salespeople, I sat and waited for my vegetable lunch to be served while everyone else was eating. Repeatedly, I politely ask my waiter why I wasn't served yet, as I sipped my wine. Then, they received their desserts! After everyone else had finished dessert, I was served my lunch. By then, I was a little tipsy and very angry, so I just sat and ate my lunch while everyone waited for me, then I ordered dessert, and ate it while everyone quietly waited.

Mother's Cafe

Austin, Texas

Spiral Diner

Denton, Texas (also in Dallas)


Ithaca, New York

Field of Greens

Houston, Texas

 Native Foods Cafe

Boulder, Colorado

El Palote Panaderia

Image result for El Palote Panaderia mexican restaurant in dallas tx

Dallas, Texas

How to Choose a Restaurant

As all vegetarians eating in a meat-eating world know, we are frequently served last, asked to pay the same price as other guests with 1/10th the food on our dish, served bland vegetable, and are often lied to about animal products in our food. The more expensive the restaurant, the worse the problem seems to be. For this reason we should all strive to eat at vegetarian-friendly restaurants and refuse to eat at restaurants that don't offer descent vegan meals whenever humanly possible.


Lots of Restaurant Options

Listed here are some of my favorite restaurant choices for vegetarians. To find some restaurants that you call favorites, go to Happy Cow.

A good source of current vegetarian news (new restaurants, cookbooks, classes) is Vegan World Radio. Look for them on Facebook.

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